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Community Courses

As the IT phenomenon took hold and developed, Ray quickly understood that certain sectors of society lacked technological literacy and that a broad digital divide was emerging. In order to bridge this gap, TCTC developed a broad spectrum of courses to cater for a wide variety of demographics, allowing people to comfortably find a course that suited them.

In collaboration with local councils, governmental institutions and corporate sponsors, TCTC has since brought computer training to thousands of Maltese citizens, both young and old. In addition, this training has been conducted at local centres specifically set up to provide “close to home learning” and convenience for those wishing to enrich their lives by learning new skills. One such course, em citizen, has helped thousands of Maltese become more familiar with online services and mobile phone applications, winning the Computer Society of Malta’s Best Information Society Award in 1997.

As a result of corporate sponsorships, TCTC has also been able to provide many of its courses at heavily subsidised rates and, in some cases, completely free, thereby ensuring that essential computer skills reach as many people as possible.

Through constant market analysis and trend observation, TCTC continually develops new ideas and concepts to match the fast paced changes in the world of technology, and strives to provide people with the IT training and assistance they need to ensure that the digital divide remains as small as possible.

Community Courses

  • ECDL Advanced Courses
  • EM-Citizen Gozo 2018
  • Learn IT Courses
  • ECDL Standard Courses
  • Robotica Nation