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Secretarial and Office Administration Course

Course Description:

The training programme is designed to enable participants to understand the key areas of administration, administrative services, customer service, routine office procedures, office and online ethics, office automation, effective English for business, secretarial duties, book keeping and accounts. It is also designed to provide students with the possibility of opting to delve deeper into other administrative training areas. The course aims to prepare students for secretarial jobs within Government Departments, Agencies, Local Councils, Parastatal Organizations and Private Industry, as well as for occupying an administrative role within the office or to work in project administration. 

Programme Learning Outcomes:

  • Use appropriate office equipment, office applications and online platforms, and routine procedures and standards.
  • Take notes as well as transcribe business documents from a printed or handwritten copy to a suitable business standard.
  • Communicate in different ways on the workplace and use the proper English to communicate online, with clients, letters and colleagues. This includes telephone skills.
  • The Customer Service award covers the basic elements of how to deliver an excellence customer experience and will equip you with the necessary skills to work and support customer service delivery.
  • The Book-keeping and Accounts award offers the opportunity for candidates to study the fundamentals of book-keeping and accounts in the context of a variety of settings. It concentrates on basic core areas which are met on a day to day basis in the accounting environment of any business and which underpin future studies in accounting. 

Career Opportunities:

  • Personal assistant
  • Secretary
  • General Office Duties clerk.
  • Contact centre agent
  • Office administrator

How long is this course?

TCTC Secretarial & Administrative course is an 82-hour course spread over 4-5 months depends on the frequency of the lecture per week.

Course Requirements:

Students applying for this course should at least: -

  • Basic English skills that includes: -

Able to write clearly

Able to Read and Understand

Able to communicate

  • Basic ICT competence preferably in ECDL Base Modules.
  • Basic Mathematics skills.

Delivery of Course:

The delivery of this course is carried out in class.


MQF Level 2 and MQF Level 3 on:

  1. Customer Service Course
  2. Book Keeping & Accounts Course


Notes will be sent via google drive

Course Content:

Module 1: Health and Safety (3 hours)

Module 2: Office Automation (10 hours)                

Module 3: GDPR Workshop (3 hours)               

Module 4: Office Procedures (8 hours)    

Module 5: Effective Business English (10 hours)         

Module 6: Communication Skills (6 hours) 

Module 7: Customer Service (18 hours-Level 1+Level 2+Exam)                        

Module 8: Book Keeping (24 hours- Level 1+ Exam + Level 2+ Exam)                            



Prices are available ONLY to Maltese Residents/ Citizens, because these prices may include European and National subsides schemes. 

Foreign students can apply using this link:


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Location: Naxxar
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Location: Naxxar
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