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Maltese for foreigners MQF-2

Course Outline

This basic course is designed specifically for foreigners who wish to gain knowledge of the Maltese language and are currently working, or aim to work, in the Hospitality Industry. The course is pegged to MQF Level 2 and is equivalent to 2 ECTS and will be taught by a lecturer who is specialised in teaching the Maltese language. 


The objective of this programme is to help the learners pronounce, read and understand basic words, short sentences and the most common Maltese expressions. Through its teaching, the learners will become familiar with introducing oneself, saluting, and talk about the immediate self in context of the workplace environment.

Target Audience

Non-Maltese speakers are the primary target audience for this programme, nevertheless, it is also suited for expatriates that have already acquired some basic Maltese language skills, through their work-based exposure, and wish to refine and improve on their basic Maltese communication skills.

Requirements to attend this course

No particular requirements. As this course is delivered in English students need to be proficient in English Language.

Duration and frequency

Twelve (12) sessions of two and a half hours. Total Duration is 30 hours including a 2 hour end of course assessment.

Training Methodology

The learners will be exposed to in-class learning, consisting of a variety of grammar, oral and culture exercises, through which the learner will acquire the basic communication skills in the Maltese Language

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