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Finance and Accounting Diploma - Level 3

City & Guilds Finance & Accounting Advanced Diploma is Ideal for candidates who would like to achieve a greater knowledge in accountancy & finance. This advanced diploma is recognised by the Malta Qualification Council as MQF Level 4. One can choose to do the full Diploma which after completion is entitled to the Diploma Certificate issued by City & Guilds. The option of Single Subjects is also available and a certificate by City & Guilds is issued on that subject.

Level 3 includes:

Book-Keeping & Accounts:

  • Prepare final accounts of sole trader, partnerships, companies and not-for-profit organisations from Conventional and incomplete records
  • Prepare year end and other adjustments associated with the above variety of organisations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of accounts through analysis and interpretation./li>
  • Complete an extended trial balance.

Computerised Accounts:

  • Carry out everyday operational parts of computerised accounting
  • Involving the interpretation and processing of both routine and non-routine transactions
  • The production of accounting reports such as profit and loss accounts and balance sheet

English for Business Communication:

  • understanding the main ideas of all forms of written language, including lengthy abstract, structurally or linguistically complex texts or highly idiomatic, literary and non-literary writing on a wide range of professional, academic and social topics
  • writing clear, smoothly flowing, complex minutes, formal letters, memoranda, articles, press releases, speeches, mailshots, advertisements, notices, formal invitations or reports in styles fully appropriate to purpose and target readership
  • using a wide range of linguistic devices to create coherent and cohesive writing

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