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Business Skills Diploma Level 3

Advanced Business Skills Diploma gives the opportunity to achieve a higher qualification and a better knowledge of business in general or specific areas.

The qualifications include a range of administrative, finance and key skills and are targeted for those wanting a greater understanding how business works and develop workplace skills.

One can choose to do the full Diploma which after completion entitles candidates to the Diploma certificate issued by City & Guilds. The option of Single subjects is also available and a certificate by City & Guilds is issued on that subject.

This is a recognized qualification by the Malta Qualification Council as MQF Level 4 (A Level equivalent).

The Business Skills Diploma includes 117 hours of training on a part time basis.

Entry Requirements:

There are no specific entry requirements for the Diploma but a basic knowledge of English and Business is needed.


Valletta - Worker's Memorial Building

Single Subject Certificate:

Computerised Accounts

  • carry out everyday operational parts of computerised accounting
  • involving the interpretation and processing of both routine and non-routine transactions
  • the production of accounting reports such as profit and loss accounts and balance sheets.

English for Business Communications

  • understanding the main ideas of all forms of written language, including lengthy abstract, structurally or linguistically complex texts or highly idiomatic, literary and non-literary writing on a wide range of professional, academic and social topics
  • writing clear, smoothly flowing, complex minutes, formal letters, memoranda, articles, press releases, speeches, mailshots, advertisements, notices, formal invitations or reports in styles fully appropriate to purpose and target readership
  • using a wide range of linguistic devices to create coherent and cohesive writing


  • Use on-line help
  • Work with multiple worksheets
  • Using advanced techniques
  • Analyse & test data
  • Export & Import
  • Print Spreadsheets

Book-Keeping & Accounts

  • Prepare final accounts of sole trader, partnerships, companies and not-for-profit organisations from Conventional and incomplete records
  • Prepare year end and other adjustments associated with the above variety of organisations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of accounts through analysis and interpretation.

Customer Care

  • Explain the key features of a service offer and its effects on customer expectations
  • Describe how to deliver reliable customer service
  • Explain how to deal with different customer behaviours to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Describe how customer service can be developed and improved
  • Explain how promotion of products and services can benefit the customer and the organisation
  • Explain the benefits of team-working in delivering good customer service
  • Describe how to develop the customer service skills of self and others

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