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Computerised Accounts Level 3

Course Description and Learning Outcomes:
The Level 1/2/3 Award in Computerised Accounts (8989-01/02/03) aims to: meet the needs of candidates who work or want to work in job roles such as Accounting technicians, Accounts/Finance clerks, Private practice accountants.
These qualifications allow learners to develop and practise the skills required for employment and/or career progression in the accounting sector, they can also contribute to the knowledge and understanding of basic Accounting and Book-keeping practices. 
The Level 3 Award in Computerised Accounts will provide learners who are competent users of accounting software the skills required by today’s business for the preparation and monitoring of financial data, allowing them to act independently to deal with more unfamiliar activities.
Who Should Attend:
This course is mainly aimed at company managers, accountants, accounts clerks and students who wish to familiarize themselves with the world of book keepers. It is OBLIGATORY that ONLY students who COMPLETE level 1 and 2 will apply for the Level! The below price €200 is an offer for students that appl 
What should I know before I join this course?

It is a must that one should complete Level 1 & Level 2 and also familiarity with the Microsoft Windows environment is required for this course. 

How long is this course?

4 weeks, 1 session per week of 3 hours each and the 4th session would be the exam session.


This is the first Step in Sage training. The course doesn't only cover the basic features and menus but will also lead to the full City & Guilds -

Computerised Accounts Certification Level 3            (MQF Level 4)

The grade rates for this Certification:
  • Fail
  • Pass
  • First Class

*Additional €35 is to be paid for the pen drive consisting of: 

  • €10 Sage Backup notes Level 1
  • €10 Sage Backup notes Level 2
  • €10 Sage Backup notes Level 3
  • €5 Pen Drive
  • Past papers + answers

(This additional fee is paid once for the 3 Levels)


Course Contents of Level 3

  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Journals
  • How to post stock, prepayments and accruals
  • How to reverse stock prepayments and accruals
  • How to post depeciation
  • Disposal of assets
  • Prov for bad debts
  • Any other adjustments to correct by Journal
  • Recurring exp
  • Set-offs
  • Write offs

Start Dates:

Location: Naxxar
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Location: Naxxar
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