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Graphic Design

Course Description:

This course leads the students to understand most of the tools available in Photoshop and also gives practical examples of how these can be used for personal or business requirements. The course is based on various workshops that highlight the use of this application for image editing, photo enhancements, creative montages and image creation. Detailed course notes are provided during the course together with various images that will be used during the lessons. The course starts from a beginner’s level but moves on to a very advanced level.

Who Should Attend:

The course is intended for anyone (including graphics, artists, designers,…) who has little or no experience using Adobe Photoshop, and who wants to use this program to effectively manipulate, edit, adjust, and prepare images for print or Web use.

What should I know before I join this course?

Familiarity with the Microsoft Windows environment is required for this course.

How long is this course?

12 Weeks - 2 Hours per session


Notes will be sent via Google Drive 

Course Contents:

  • Introduction: Getting around in Photoshop, resolution, Digital Cameras, Image Size, Using Layers, Saving for different purposes (print/web)
  • Making Selections: Using the Selection Tools, using various layers, brushers, erasers, history, palette, colours, fill tool, gradients, adding text
  • Enhancing an Image through Colour Correction: using histograms, levels, curves, hue and saturation, adjusting brightness and contrast, using Adjustment Layers, masks and paths
  • Creating New Images out of existing Ones: using filters, sharpening Images, liquefy and extract tools, pattern maker, blend modes, changing an image to sepia and to black and white, using channels.
  • Retouching Photos: retouching portraits, removing unwanted objects from a picture, using the healing tools and clone tool, layer styles, adding light to an image, making a fake picture look realistic
  • Workshops: There are 20 different workshops throughout the whole course.
  • Understand the main concepts of using digital images and understand graphic format options and colour concepts
  • Open an existing image, save an image in different formats, and set image file options
  • Use built-in options such as displaying toolbars or palettes to enhance productivity
  • Capture and save an image, use various selection tools, and manipulate images
  • Create and use layers, work with text, use effects and filters, and use drawing and painting tools
  • Prepare images for printing or publishing


Regular Attendance is awarded with a Certificate.

Prices are available ONLY to Maltese Residents/ Citizens, because these prices may include European and National subsides schemes. 

Foreign students can apply using this link:

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