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Customer Care Skills for Beginners

Course Description and Learning Outcomes:

This course is aimed at giving the participant a systematic approach to becoming a confident and skillful guest experience provider. It includes the basic principles essential to an effective service in the industry. This course presents the opportunity to learn the basics of customer service in the field of food and beverage operations.

Course Contents: 

As result of completing the Guest Experience course, the participant should be able to:

1. Understand the meanings of Customers, Service and Experience.

2. Form an idea of service industry and recognize the different types of customers and their expectations.

3. Distinguish different kinds of service situations.

4. Understand the importance of service provider´s personal traits suitable for the profession (e.g. manners, behavior, personal appearance, professional skills and knowledge).

5. Comprehend key service practices skills.

6. Develop interpersonal skills.

7. Know how to handle complaints, older customers and people with special needs.

8. Understand the importance of health, safety and security in work context.

9. Comprehend the meaning of hospitality in service environment and recognize the tools to provide it.

A brief description of the courseware:

Lesson 1. Introduction to the course, defining customer types

Lesson 2. Service

Lesson 3. Benefits of good customer service

Lesson 4. Service staff attributes, attitude and traits

Lesson 5. Interpersonal skills

Lesson 6. Team work / co-workers

Lesson 7. Solving problems / complaints, older customers, people with special needs

Lesson 8. Safety and security

Lesson 9. Excellence in customer service

Lesson 10. Final exam, feedback discussion

Who Should Attend:

This Course is aimed at those individuals who are either already in the hospitality industry but would like to have an upskilling of their skills and to those individuals who are inactive and would like to enter the industry.

What should I know before I join this course?

This course is perfectly designed for those individuals who are already in the industry and want to enhance their skills or those inactive people who would like to start working in this industry. No relevant qualifications are required for a participant to join. 

How long is this course?

25 hours which are spread over days. 


MQF Level 2 


The Courseware will be provided by the lecturer during class.

Due to this Covid-19 situation this course will be postponed, to a later date. If you would like more information please contact us on 21421784/5

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