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Robotica Nation

Let your child drive into robotics, programming logic, and structural design with our MRT Robotics Kits. They will use pulleys, levers and sensors to construct snapping alligators and snipping robots, then program the robots with the specially designed visual drag- and-drop software. Students will biuld a strong foundation of coding and robotics skills for thier tech future. 

It is just amazing how they can turn thier creativity in moving objcets!

In this kids robotics training course, students are taught engineering basics with an emphasis on exploration and trial and error field testing. Instead of simply ''snapping bricks together'', students are encouraged to think critically about how and why thier design needs to adapt to changing conditions. Our Guided, personalised instruction allows younger kids to understand more complicated engineering techniques such as gear use pulleys and inclined planes - and this is just designed for kids from age 5. Must have finished the kindergarten. This training is suitable for aged 5 - 12 years .... Boys & Girls!! 

ROBOTICA NATION course will bbe held once a week, 2 hours per lesson and will run across 8 consecutive weeks against a subsidised fee of €50.00 inclusive of notes.

In order to asses the scope and objection of this project and what students will be creating, please follow the link below and will giude you to a YouTube video...

See you next SUMMER 2018 ....

For more information please contact us on 21421784/5

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