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Learn IT 2019

LEARN IT an Em-Citizen course is the basic introduction course to computers aimed for those who wish to start using their own laptop/ computer. This course will be held once a week, 2 hours each lesson for 8 consecutive weeks. This course will be held in various Local Councils and students have the facility to use our computers with Windows 10 and Office 2016. A printed booklet with notes will be given to all students on the 1st lesson of the course. (Notes are included in the price). A certificate will be given to all the students who succesfully attends more then 75% of the mentioned course. 

During the course the following topics will be covered: -

  •  Basic introduction to basic terms Hardware, Software
  • Windows 10 
  • Storage Devices
  • Managing files and folders 
  • Managing Files and Folders
  • Paint 
  • Microsoft Word 
  • Basic Internet 
  • Service Providers
  • Internet Explorer 
  • Search Engine 
  • Email 
  • Creating a Gmail Account
  • Google Apps 
  • Creating a Facebook Account 
  • How to use Facebook?
  • Youtube
  • What is Paypal?
  • How to create Paypal Account?
  • How to create an Ebay Account?
  • How to use Ebay?
  • Bidding and Buying online 
  • How to book a flight? 
  • What is Skype?
  • Creating a Skype Account 
  • How to use skype?

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