ECDL Start

ECDL Start

Course Description:

ECDL START aims to prepare students for ECDL Certification. This course, organised in Local Council involves three parts. After each module students can sit for the exam and once they have successfully completed the 7 exams will be in possession of the international computer driving licence qualification.

Who Should Attend:

Everyone can apply for these courses from the age of 11 years over...

What should I know before I join this course?

Some knowledge of Computer skills and English Literate

How long is this course?

Part 1:

The first part will consist of 8 weeks, once a week, and 2hrs each lesson (*Last lesson will be of 1 hr)

Part 2:

The second part will consists of 5 weeks, once a week 2 hrs each lesson.

Part 3:

As part 2 the third part will consist of another 5 weeks, once a week, and 2 hrs each lesson.


CD containing notes and sample tests

Course Contents

The course consists of 7 modules.

These are:

  • Part 1: Modules 2,3 and 4

    • 2. Using Computer and Managing Files
    • 3. Word Processing
    • 4. Spreadsheets
  • Part 2: Modules 6 and 7

    • 6. Presentation
    • 7. Web Browsing and Communication
  • Part 3: Modules 1 and 5

    • 1. Concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
    • 5. Using Database


Certificates will be issued from the ECDL of Malta when Passed from ALL the Exams!!

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